Support & Motivation to Crush Your Health & Fitness Goals!

More than $12,000 in CASH prizes will be split amongst the Gold's Gym Newburgh & Gold's Gym Middletown members who achieve the most positive overall 12-week transformations starting in January & February 2019. But that's not all! The winners will have their results submitted to Gold's Gym corporate for national judging, where $100,000 will be awarded. Newburgh had 4 national winners in 2017!!

12 Weeks of Coaching, Camaraderie & Support to Transform Your Body, Mind, & Possibly Your Life.

Open to Newburgh & Middletown Members. KEEP SCROLLING to see what's INCLUDED with your 12-week Challenge sign-up!

2019 Start Dates/Locations:

Flight A (Newburgh): Jan 3rd, 4th, 5th 

Flight B (Newburgh): Jan 17th, 18th, 19th 

Flight C (Newburgh): Jan 28th, 29th

Flight D (Newburgh): Jan 31st, Feb 1st, 2nd

The 2019 Challenge is open to Gold's Gym Newburgh & Middletown members with coaching and support that is valued at more than $700. 

Cost: Only $90 (portion of fee goes to prize pot)

Whether you work out at Gold's Gym Newburgh or Gold's Gym Middletown during your 12 weeks is up to you. You must simply show up for your start/finish photos & measurements during the designated times at Gold's Gym Newburgh.

Sign up and do the Challenge on your own OR take advantage of all this coaching & support included with your registration fee: 

Complimentary Challenge Training Session: Designed for you to review your Challenge handbook with a certified trainer and understand what exercise and nutrition strategy is best for you to follow in seeing your transformation goals become a reality. 

Complimentary Challenge Handbook: Your Challenge handbook is HUGELY helpful for your exercise and nutrition planning. 70% of your results come from healthy eating, which is the handbook's biggest focus. It also provides you with basic exercise strategies based on your transformation goals. While the information is very helpful, it is not mandatory to follow.

Complimentary Week of Alloy Team Training: You'll love the energy and camaraderie of Alloy! Highly effective for quickly burning body fat, sculpting lean muscle, and improving strength and endurance, Alloy Team Training will also teach you how to work out in new ways that you can apply on your own in the gym. 

Complimentary Before/After Photos & Gold's 3D Scan - Using Styku, a revolutionary new body scanner, we'll quickly record your weight, body fat, and multiple body measurements in less than 2 minutes. You'll also have the option of taking your before/after photos in our private room. While photos are optional, they're strongly recommended to document your before/after story and required if you wish to be eligible for prize money in the Challenge. Click here to learn more about this incredible scanning technology, included with your Challenge sign-up.

Complimentary Workshops - Any of training & nutrition workshops below are OPTIONAL and provided exclusively for you as a Challenge participant during your 12 week journey. They are designed for you to learn effective exercise and nutrition/meal planning strategies to help you transform and achieve your goals.  

Kettlebell Challenge Workshop (Mike Martinez) Friday, January 18th at 7pm (Alloy Room) Saturday, February 2nd at 7pm (Alloy Room) Sunday February 17th 7pm (Alloy Room)  

Intro to Boxing (Miles Brown) Sunday January 20th 11am (Alloy Room) Tuesday January 29th 8am (Alloy Room) Sunday February 10th 11am Middletown (Boxing Room)  

Goal Setting & Program Building (Spencer Shaw) Thursday January 24th 715pm (Alloy Room) Thursday February 7th 715pm (Alloy Room) Tuesday February 12th 715pm (Alloy Room )  

Abs, Arms and Assets (Gillian) - Small Discussion followed by workout Saturday January 19th 2pm (GGX room) Sunday February 17th 2pm (GGX room) Saturday March 2nd 2pm GGX room (Middletown)  

The Resistance (Mobility and Functionality with Loop Bands) - Discussion and Demo (Sieara Smith) Monday February 11th 5pm (Small Group Room) Sunday January 20th 7pm (Alloy Room) Wednesday March 6th 11am (Middletown)  

Intro to Strength Training (Shane Miller) Friday January 25th 6pm (Alloy Room) Saturday February 9th 12pm (Alloy Room) Saturday March 9th 12pm (Middletown)  

Nutrition & Meal Planning for Your Goals (Tammy Murphy) Tues, Jan 22nd 7:15pm (Alloy Room) Sat, Feb 16th 11am (Alloy Room) Sun, Feb 24th 11am (Middletown)  

Intro to Alloy Team Training (Don Murphy, Michele Contelmo & Vinny Scollo) Tues, Jan 29th 7:15pm (Alloy Room) Wed, Feb 20th 7:15pm (Alloy Room) Sun, Mar 3rd 12pm (Middletown) 

Challenge Facebook Group: You'll form new bonds with other Gold's Gym Newburgh & Middletown participants as well as the highly trained, knowledgeable and motivating staff of coaches at the gym. The group will lead and motivate you every step of the way with helpful tips, education, motivation and even humor at times to keep you going!

Complimentary Gifts - When you arrive on your start date for your BEFORE photos and measurements, you'll be given a free Gold's Gym Challenge t-shirt and your choice of a set of portion containers to help you with meal planning OR Shakeology shaker cup.

Complimentary Reception & Awards Ceremony: All finishers of the Challenge will receive an invitation to this memorable evening! In addition to hearing the Challenge winners announced from Gold's Gym Newburgh/Middletown along with their life changing stories, you'll come together with your fellow Challenge finishers to celebrate success. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments are provided at this fun, exciting, and often emotional evening.  

Optional - Discounted Training Services: Your best results can come from working with a Coach during the Challenge. Though not required, we encourage you to take advantage of the discounted training packages that are offered exclusively to Challenge participants. Our team of coaches and trainers will show you the ropes and keep you motivated to the very end to achieve your ultimate Challenge transformation! 

Discount on Private Nutrition Consultation: Following a sustainable eating plan based on your specific needs and goals will have a dramatic effect on the results you see in the Challenge (more than exercise!). Normally $45, Challenge participants can take advantage of an optional one hour nutrition consultation for $39. While the Challenge handbook and workshops do a good job providing you with a portion controlled nutrition strategy, a personal consultation will help answer any questions and provide you with help based on your personal needs.  

Discount on Yoga: Repair and restore your body through regular yoga classes during the Challenge. The menu of complimentary workshops includes introductory yoga classes for novices and first-timers. A discounted yoga package is also provided (optional).  

Discounts on Massage & Holistic Health Services: All Challenge participants receive $5 off any massages or holistic health services (located at Gold's Gym Newburgh) for the duration of the Challenge. From therapeutic massage to acupuncture and Reiki, take advantage of these services to de-stress and round out your overall wellness. Click here to review the list of services available at Gold's Gym Newburgh. Unfortunately, these services will not yet be available at Gold's Gym Middletown (coming in future). However, Middletown members may also utlize these services in Newburgh for the time being. 

Why do the Challenge at Gold's Gym Newburgh/Middletown?

“The Challenge is by far the best program we provide for our members at Gold's Gym Newburgh (and now Gold's Gym Middletown) every year. The experience, knowledge, and life changes that participants undergo during the Gold’s Gym Challenge are priceless. More than a physical transformation, it's a 12-week journey that can enhance every aspect of your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, everything improves. From the way you look and feel about yourself, to your relationships, self-confidence, overall happiness and outlook on life, you can't put a price tag on it. The Challenge is not meant to simply be a before/after photo contest or a 12-week diet. Rather, it's an opportunity for members to embrace a healthy lifestyle around food and effective exercise strategies that can be used for a lifetime."  

Don Murphy, Managing Partner Gold's Gym Newburgh, NY, Middletown NY

Some Prior Challenge Testimonials From Gold's Gym Newburgh:

"I DID IT. I immersed myself in all that Gold's Gym had to offer through the Challenge. I signed up for all the workshops, used my portion containers, and kept a detailed daily diary. I learned that food was not the enemy. It was the fuel I needed to transform. I called upon my boyfriend, my son, and my trainer who could all talk me off the sugar laden, self loathing ledge and talk me into the gym. These past 12 weeks have proven to not only be a "Challenge", but a complete metamorphosis of my mind, body, and soul. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I see my reflection in the mirror smiling back at me. I earned my AFTER pictures and am absolutely overjoyed with what I accomplished. I DID IT!" 

Wendi Morrissey, Women's 40-49 Lost 33 lbs, 11", 5% BF 

"Don't just do it for you. Do it for those who depend on you. This journey has led me to believe that, in due time, I will reach my goals and help others work toward reaching theirs as well. If I can encourage others not to give up hope, then I will let my story be their guide."  

Andre Mainor, Men's 30-39 Lost 59 lbs, 17", 7.9% BF 

"I feel fantastic, like a whole new person. All this from the Challenge I thought I was going to fail. Over the course of 12 weeks, I learned to juggle a good diet, a workout routine, 3 jobs, graduate school, being a wife, and most importantly, being a mom to a special needs child."  

Ireta Hunter, Women's 18-29 Lost 19 lbs, 8", 4% BF 

"I have to give credit Gold's Gym and their entire staff, with all the workshops that kept me motivated and informed. Your staff rocks, and everyone here has helped me achieve my goals. I no longer need blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I have more energy and have become stronger and more agile. Even if I don't win the Challenge, I have won a better life!"

Jim Martino, Men's 60+ Lost 25 lbs, 10", 9% BF 

"When started my journey at Gold's, I had very little confidence that this was going to work for me. It was clear I needed to make a change. As the weight came off in the Challenge, I started to enjoy the struggle and the sweat. My life completely changed for the better. I have more energy, enjoy going to the gym, and have a much happier and positive outlook on life. I want to thank the entire staff at Gold's Gym, especially my trainer for helping me with this incredible transformation. Thank you all for giving me the self-confidence and determination to take control of my life."

Joe Decicco, Men's 30-39 Lost 45 lbs, 13", 11% BF 

"The Challenge was a blessing that turned into a miracle! I've always struggled with my weight. It's honestly amazing how far you can go if you push yourself and keep moving forward. Thank you! Gold's Gym is the best thing that ever happened to me!!"

Teresa Rivas, Women's 18-29 Lost 23 lbs, 9", 4% BF 

"Participating in the Gold's Gym Challenge was the, "I never could", that I finally did. I can honestly say that the Challenge has absolutely changed my life. I have gained new friends, become a solid regular at my Gold's Gym Newburgh home, learned the science and technique behind body composition, and stopped focusing on the negative in my life. I focus on the good things. I am stronger mentally and physically. I am in control, and an athlete in my own form and glory. 

Kayla Pemberton, Women's 18-29 Lost 25 lbs, 13", 6.2% BF 

"I can't begin to tell you how true the Challenge philosophy is...30% exercise and 70% nutrition. You are what you eat. Thank you to my trainer and thank you, Gold's Gym. I can now fit into my son's skinny jeans!"

Tony Torres, Men's 50-59 Lost 31 lbs, 9.5", 7.4% BF

"When the Gold's Gym Challenge was announced, I saw the perfect opportunity to get my health back. With the help of the trainers and the encouragement of members, my weight is down, and my blood pressure is back to normal. I don't have aches and pains anymore, and I'm ecstatic about my appearance! Now I can do things with my grandchildren that I couldn't do before."

Billy Cuff, Men's 50-59 Lost 49 lbs, 14.5", 12.5% BF

"Having turned 50 in January and not regularly working out, my weight and diet were out of control. With the support of my trainer and the Alloy Coaches, I was able to transform my body into the best shape it's ever been in. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Phyllis Kellman, Women's 50-59 Lost 18 lbs, 12.5", 7.2% BF

"I cannot believe how easy it was to increase my fitness level as well as lose weight with my new style of training when paired with a good healthy diet. I could not have achieved my goals without my personal trainer and Alloy Team Training. I haven't felt this good about my personal image and overall health since I was in high school!" 

Paul Overton , Men's 18-29 Lost 31.5 lbs, 10.5", 5.5% BF

"One of the supporting motivators was the fellow participants posting and praising each other. It was a fantastic group of individuals who made me proud to be part of his life changing experience not soon forgotten."

Mike Rydlewski, Men's 60+ Lost 21.5 lbs, 9", 3.4% BF

"The Challenge was the perfect kick in the rear that I needed. I was determined to settle in, get comfortable, and make real changes. I got my joy back! I got my energy back! And I got my body back! I want to thank all the Facebook group members for always keeping it positive, and the owner and managers of Gold's Gym for being so supportive. And all my favorite instructors and trainers for always keeping the energy and motivation high. You all rock!"

Jennifer O'Keefe, Women's 30-39 Lost 17.5 lbs, 6.5", 7.4% BF

"Gold's Gym Newburgh has changed my life for the better. I have made new friends and feel more energized. With the support I've gotten from Gold's Gym, I was able to create a healthier lifestyle."  

Deara Jeter, Women's 50-59 Lost 11 lbs, 9.5", 1.7% BF

"In 12 weeks, I regained by health, confidence, and self esteem. I came away with an even stronger desire to succeed. I am back to my old energetic self and even if I didn't win the Challenge, I still won."

Kathryn Norton Malek, Women's 60+ Lost 11 lbs, 5.5", 3.8% BF

"This Challenge taught me not to give up...that it doesn't matter how many times you fall. You have to get up and try again and again. Thank you, Gold's Gym. I would not have made it without ths Challenge. And now I can say I'm in the best shape of my life!"  

Carlos Uriarte, Men's 30-39 Lost 24 lbs, 9.5", 3.5% BF

"The Challenge was truly life changing and a blessing in my life. The trainers and staff at Gold's Gym care about you and believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself. They have taught me so much about healthy living and pushed me when I might have given up. I now have a new family in Gold's Gym. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Latreese Miller, Women's 50-59 Lost 12.5 lbs, 6.5", 3.3% BF

"The Challenge has been a wonderful experience for me. The support from the Gold's Gym members and private Facebook group has been amazing. I am so much stronger than I was at the beginning of the Challenge, both mentally and physically. l love who I have become and how I look and feel. I don't think I could have accomplished my goals without the support of Gold's Gym. The Challenge is over, but my journey is not!"

Sharon Van Dalinda, Women's 40-49 Lost 20.5 lbs, 9.5", 7.3% BF


If I previously won money in the Gold's Gym Newburgh Challenge, can I win again? Although you can participate in the Challenge again, you are not eligible to win prize money in Newburgh if your BEFORE weight this year is 10% (or more) heavier than the AFTER weight of your previous Challenge results within the past 2 years. For example, if your AFTER weight was 210 pounds in 2016, you would not be eligible for prize money if you weighed 231 pounds (or more) for your BEFORE weight in 2018. This policy exists to discourage participants from losing and gaining significant amounts of weight every year to compete in the Challenge. If you've previously won money in the Challenge nationally, you are not eligible to win again on the national level regardless of your starting weight.

How are winners chosen? An independent panel of judges will first view all before/after photos (faces are covered) to choose the top people in every category based on positive overall physical transformation. Judging is done separately for males and females in the following age groups: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+. While weight loss often accompanies transformation, it is not always the case. In fact, some people can lose little to no weight, yet significantly "tranform" through changes in body composition (e.g. lose body fat, gain lean muscle). For this reason, the Challenge is NOT a weight loss contest. Winners are chosen based on the most inspiring positive overall physical transformation as seen in the before/after photos. Once the top people are chosen in all categories, the judges may choose to look at the changes in weight and/or measurements to determine the order of the top finishers. Quite often, it becomes necessary to read the essays when it's too close to call based on photos and measurments alone. As such, you're strongly encouraged to provide your heartfelt thoughts and feelings about how the Challenge imacts your life. It can make a difference in how you place in the Challenge!

Are before/after photos required to participate in the Gold's Gym Challenge? No. You may participate in the Challenge by taking Gold's 3D (Styku) measurements only. However, you are NOT eligible to win prize money in the Challenge if you do not have your photos taken in the gym on your start and finish date. There are absolutely no exceptions to this Challenge rule.

When and where are my photos and Styku measurments taken? After you sign up for the Challenge, you must reserve a time at the service desk of Gold's Gym Newburgh to have your photos and measuements taken in the gym on your chosen start date.  

What should I wear for my photos & Styku measurements? “Before” and “After” pictures are the key components of Challenge judging, taken by appointment in a private setting at the gym. Appointments are scheduled at the Service Desk after you sign up. Participants are photographed from the front and the back only. REMEMBER, JUDGING IS FIRST AND FOREMOST BASED ON THE VISUALS. If the judges cannot see the awesome changes that you make during your journey, they cannot judge them. What you wear and how you present yourself is KEY! We use Styku for the Challenge, which is a 3D body scanner that captures the true shape, composition and measurements of Challenge participants. Styku creates an exact 3D model and extracts precise body measurements (e.g. waist, hip, thigh, body fat%) within seconds and with <1% margin of error. IN ORDER FOR STYKU TO TAKE ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS, IT IS CRITICAL THAT FORM FITTING ATTIRE BE WORN. Men must wear bike shorts and a bike top, or remove their shirt. No boxers are permitted. Women must wear bike shorts or leggings and a sports bra, or a two-piece bathing suit. Long hair should be tied up in a bun on top of the head. You will be in a private setting ALONE while standing on the Styku platform. There may be 2 or 3 women present during the photos. Please, no speedos, briefs, thongs, compression shorts, undergarments or nude-colored clothing. WE CANNOT ALLOW STYKU TO BE USED UNLESS A STYKU APPROVED OUTFIT IS WORN. 

Will my photos be shared or used for marketing? Gold's Gym Newburgh reserves the right to use your before/after photos for marketing and inspiration purposes only. Typically, this is only done with winners of the Challenge whose stories and transformations may be looked upon as a source of inspiration to others. As a courtesy, Gold's Gym Newburgh will always contact any particants whose photos are chosen to be used. 

What does it mean to be a Challenge finisher? A Challenge finisher is any participant who takes their BEFORE and AFTER photos and measurements in the gym, AND submits their essay within 2 days of their AFTER measurements. All finishers will be invited to the awards reception and ceremony, a very inspirational evening!

Tell me about the essay. The essay is due within two (2) days of your final photos and measurements. It should be no less than 100 words and no more than one (1) page in length, describing your transformation story. Include how or why you were motivated to take the Gold's Gym Challenge. Describe your experience as you progessed through your 12-week journey. In what way(s) did the Challenge positively impact you? You will not be considered a "Challenge finisher" if your essay is not received. You can bring a copy of your essay with you to your final photos and measurements, or email it to within 2 days of your final photos and measurements. 


GOLD'S GYM NEWBURGH 15 Racquet Rd, Newburgh NY (845) 564-7500

GOLD'S GYM MIDDLETOWN 1 North Galleria Dr, Middletown NY (845) 692-4200