Last Year's 1st Place Winners & Testimonials

Gold's Gym Newburgh/Middletown 2019 Challenge winners. 

“I am proud of myself for completing the Challenge! I no longer feel trapped in my body and am excited to continue this journey with the continued support of Gold’s Gym. I decided to sign up for the Challenge because I wanted to take control of what I had no control over – my health. My goal was not only to lose weight, but to increase my confidence and find the motivation to continue after the Challenge." 

1ST PLACE Women's 18-29: Jessica Hausele - Lost 16 lbs, 7”, 8.3% of starting BF  

"Huge thanks to Gold’s Gym for giving me the extra push to change my eating lifestyle. My main goal was to lose fat while maintaining my muscle mass. My body transformation doesn’t end here. This was only the beginning and it opened a new chapter in my fitness journey." 

1ST PLACE Men's 18-29: Jeffrey Quintana - Lost 17 lbs, 7”, 23.8% of starting BF  

"I was at the heaviest point of my life at 262 pounds and knew something had to change. I lost 40 pounds during my first Challenge, which was the motivation I needed to keep improving. I’m proud to say I am down over 70 pounds since January 2018. My goal now is to keep improving and to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I would love to share my story with others, because if I can do it so can you!” 

1ST PLACE Men's 30-39: Jordan Patterson - Lost 24 lbs, 7”, 22.2% of starting BF  

"Tragically and unexpectedly in July 2017, I lost my dad. This was the most devastating time of my life. As time went on and I began to cope with my reality, deciding that what I needed and wanted in my life was to feel good, be healthy, and find ‘me’ again. I am walking away from this 12-week Challenge stronger, both physically and emotionally. I discovered that living a healthy life doesn’t just benefit me, but everyone around me. The energy that I put into myself physically carries outwardly alongside my mental state. Thank you for this Challenge and the opportunity to find myself again.” 

1ST PLACE Women's 30-30: Naomi Catania - Lost 14 lbs, 8”, 14.3% of starting BF 

“I’ve struggled with my weight and food my entire life, but recently put on a lot of weight and became sedentary while going through some major life changes. The Challenge gave me the opportunity to focus again, for 12 weeks, on my workouts and my diet. I tried my best to be my biggest competitor and do my best. I did the work every day and saw the results after 12 weeks. I have much more energy and don’t dread getting out of bed in the morning. And my clothes fit me again! I will now set a new fitness goal amongst many other life goals. Thank you, Gold’s Gym.”

1ST PLACE Women's 40-49: Melanie Stevens - Lost 25 lbs, 11”, 13.3% of starting BF

"I was at the heaviest I had ever weighed. I wasn’t happy with the direction I was going and something had to change. I had to change my way of thinking about food. I am a culinary instructor and food is my life. After about 3 weeks of clean eating, the lean protein and vegetables replaced the bad carbs. I was making smarter decisions about my meals. I give my wife, Carrie, all of the credit for giving me the initial push to join this Challenge. I haven’t felt this good in decades!” 

1ST PLACE Men's 40-49: Don Mazzochi - Lost 20 lbs, 6”, 12.5% of starting BF 

“I was so unhappy with my body. My primary care physician prescribed anti-depressants because I was struggling emotionally. Gold’s Gym gave me support on this transformation journey. There were so many workshops and, to my surprise, they even helped with nutrition, goal setting and program building. These 12 weeks have given me back my confidence and my strength. Most importantly, this Challenge has taught me that nothing comes easy. You must be consistent if you want results. I am so thankful for this experience. I feel like I can now accomplish anything I want to.” 

1ST PLACE Women's 50-59: Berenice Navarro - Lost 10 lbs, 8”, 14.8% of starting BF  

"The Gold’s Gym Challenge has been a great way to keep me focused and to get me back on track physically and mentally. I am prepared to carry the progress I have made from this Challenge beyond the 12 weeks. I have always enjoyed being a member of Gold’s Gym and the Challenge is just one of the many great things offered here. I have made many great friendships and memories, and this will be one that lasts for me.”  

1ST PLACE Men's 50-59: Mark DeLorenzo - Lost 25 lbs, 8”, 15.4% of starting BF 

“At the end of last year, I went for a physical and my numbers were high. I was so unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I couldn't really look at myself in the mirror…just fleeting glances. A little more than half way through the Challenge, I noticed a real difference in my clothes. I starting looking in the back of the closet for smaller sizes. I was so, so happy! I actually “looked” at myself in the mirror for the first time in years. This was huge!!! The Gold’s Gym Challenge helped me gain control of my life and make positive changes. I broke the habit of nighttime snacking. I am so happy with my results and haven’t felt this good in years. More to go, but I am definitely on the right track!”

1ST PLACE Women's 60+: Rose Hinton - Lost 21 lbs, 8”, 6% of starting BF  

"I started a journey in 2014. The last time I checked my weight before the journey, I was approaching 250 pounds. My first Gold’s Gym Challenge was in 2015. I set a goal. I have not yet arrived, but the guideposts are being passed. I have learned about good nutrition. I have learned about resistance and cardiovascular exercise. I have applied this new knowledge to my life. I feel great! My wife and I have a gym goal of six days a week. We probably average four and a half. Thank you, Sarah-Lou, for suggesting the Gold’s Gym Challenge in 2015. A committed workout partner is the greatest key to a successful fitness program. Information is the next greatest key to success. Thank you, Gold’s Gym, for providing the information and environment where I can strive to reach my fitness goals.”  

1ST PLACE Men's 60+: Dean Dudley - Lost 20 lbs, 7”, 29.2% of starting BF 

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