$15,000 IN CASH & PRIZES will be split in the 2020 Gold's Gym Challenge among 30 Gold's Gym Newburgh & Gold's Gym Middletown members for the most inspiring 12-week transformations starting in January 2020. 

IN ADDITION, 10 of those winners will have their results submitted to Gold's Gym Corporate national judging where $100,000 will be awarded. The overall national male and female winners will be flown to Las Vegas for the Gold's Gym Global Convention.

And that's not all...

Are you ready?

Gold's Gym Newburgh/Middletown Challenge participants will be GIVEN more than $500 worth of training services and nutrition/wellness coaching, all for the low Challenge sign-up fee of $90 (SAVE $10 and pay only $80 with your holiday coupon OR if you sign up online by Dec 31st, 2019).

You may do the 12-week Challenge on your own OR take advantage of any/all of the valuable resources listed below. Everything is INCLUDED with your sign-up fee to help you achieve your best possible transformation!  

A portion of every sign-up fee goes to the member prize pot. The money will be awarded this spring to Gold's Gym Newburgh & Middletown members in 5 different age divisions, male and female. The top 2 to 4 people (depending on # of people) in each age division will be awarded, based on the most dramatic 12-week physical transformations.  


INCLUDED With Challenge Sign-Up Fee:

(All items optional)

Challenge Handbook & Nutrition Manual

Your guide for exercise and nutrition planning. While not mandatory to follow, the Challenge handbook has effective exercise and nutrition strategies that will help you see dramatic changes in your body depending on your goals, from weight loss and toning, to fat burning, building muscle, or getting ripped.

Personal Training Session

This one-hour private session is designed for you to review your Challenge handbook with a certified trainer and understand which exercise and nutrition strategy to follow based on your personal goals.

Week of Alloy Training/Gold's Studio

For those who are ready to ramp up their training, Alloy Training (Newburgh) and Gold's Studio (Middletown) will coach you through results-driven full body workouts with a class mix that combines fat burning with strength training. All classes are taught by a certified trainer in a highly motivating group setting.  

NEW - In Time For This Year's Challenge!

Battle Rope ST classes will be added to the Alloy/Gold's Studio schedule in time for the Challenge. This NEW battle rope training program will enable participants who engage in Alloy/Gold's Studio classes to take their training to a whole new level!

Before/After Photos & GOLD'S 3D Scans

Using the GOLD'S 3D scanner (powered by Styku), you'll have a record of your weight, body fat, and multiple body measurements all in a matter of minutes. You also have the option of taking your before/after photos in a private room. Though the scan and photos are optional, they're strongly recommended to document your before/after story and REQUIRED if you wish to be considered a finisher and eligible for prize money.

Challenge T-Shirt

CHANGE IS STRONG - To be worn with pride!

Challenge Facebook Support Group

You'll bond with your fellow Challenge participants, keep each other motivated, and connect with our professional trainers who post regular tips and helpful information to achieve your best possible transformation.

Training & Nutrition/Wellness Workshops

Our team of certified trainers and nutrition coaches will provide multiple workshops throughout your 12-week Challenge. These workshops are optional and designed for you to learn basic principles around food and nutrition strategies, and exercise methods that will enable you to see your body transform and achieve your ultimate goals!

Awards Ceremony & Reception

The exciting celebration night! All FINISHERS receive an invitation to hear the Challenge winners announced along with their life-changing transformation stories. Complimentary dinner, drinks, and desserts are provided at this fun, exciting, and often emotional evening. 

Make 2020 YOUR Year.

COMMIT to the 12-week Challenge. Who knows? YOU could be the next national winner who's featured in the marketing and inspiring thousands of people to join next year's Gold's Gym Challenge. 

"The Challenge is by far the best program we provide for our members at Gold's Gym Newburgh and (now) Gold's Gym Middletown every year. The knowledge acquired and life changes experienced by many participants is priceless. More than a physical transformation, it's a 12-week journey that will enhance every aspect of your life. From the way you look and feel about yourself, to your relationships, self-confidence, overall happiness, and outlook on life, everything improves. The Challenge is not simply meant to be a before/after photo contest or a 12-week diet. Rather, it's an opportunity for members and staff to support each other and step up their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you choose to do it on your own or embrace the resources provided for you as a participant, the Challenge is life transforming in so many ways. But don't take our word for it. Read the testimonials of last year's 1st place winners from Gold's Gym Newburgh/Middletown."

~ Don Murphy, Gold's Gym Managing Partner

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